MEL Media & Productions


“Photography helps people to see.” – Berenice Abbot

It is a passion of ours to draw out from a raw, unorchestrated moment. Our photo making revolves mainly around the transition between rural and urban life. The intertwining of systems, moral and values and the mind-set shifting that takes place during the process. It is the everyday scenery which we are all part of. We grab that scene, which the human soul is completely oblivious to, until it becomes a visual object one can look and learn from.

Our work photographically documents the people across all cultures, from the rural to the urban. The leaving. The arrival. The living. The dots in between the three are as vast and dynamic as the homes left for a more promising life. The cultural shifting and adaptation. The professions that exist for those that cannot find work but choose to create it. The challenges. The joys. The taming of cultural identity. The thrill of self-discovery in a different surrounding.  It’s the journey of the mass exodus trying to find themselves on the other side of the universe and we only stop to SEE it once it’s a photograph.



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